NECC in Atlanta, Georgia

Back from the National Educational Computing Conference in Atlanta, Georgia and I loved every minute of the conference. The Walden University session with Dr. Shepard and Vickie Davis was superior and after their meeting, I was able to attend Will Richardson’s session and Kathy Schrock’s session. I was busy everyday from morning to night.

I can’t thank Dr. Shepard enough for making me aware of the conference. There is so much to learn; it was easy because I was surrounded with the same type of people who wanted to talk technology.

I am making a Wiki for my students to use in the Fall. I teach fifth graders and I think they are going to have a lot of fun and excitement with Wikis and Blogs this year. I was able to listen to a broadcast of Vickie Davis and Adam Frey; it was a tutorial for the Wikis, blogs, and much more. So, I got started and had fun doing it.

View this Wiki as an example:

On my Wiki, under technology, I listed all new terms and websites with free resources. This is so valuable to any school district. Again, I cannot thank Dr. Shepard enough for being on the cutting edge and placing her Walden University students there with her.

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